Enter the city of London - Its buzzing with talented people everywhere.
Amelia has joined a top hedge fund as an algorithmic trader and it’s her first day.
Her boss Miranda expects Amelia to come up with one new strategy every month.
Amelia goes back to her desk and wonders how she will source her ideas.
She discovers ML-Quant and uses it to uncover new sources of inspiration.
She came across a three-starred repo from an Oxford university paper applying the Signatures method to mid-frequency data.
After backtesting and paper trading, the strategy goes live. Amelia is keeping up with the pace of the firm.
Amelia is humble and puts her success down to her exquisite research regime that others fail to copy.
At the year end party she is celebrated as being one of the top traders in the company.
Within six years, she has become a portfolio manager herself and is still active on